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How does the Addmen Question Paper Generator Software work ?

The question paper generator is one of the three modules of the Addmen OMR software. Although not directly linked to OMR, this software is used by several educational institutes for generating test or exam papers. It is possible to buy this software separately, even if you do not want the OMR answer sheet checker software and OMR form reader software.

This question paper generator software comes with a question bank software where you can store large numbers of questions to be used at a later time.

What type of Questions can be included ? Does it work only for MCQ questions ?

Test Maker is not limited to MCQ tests or multiple choice question and answers. It can handle all type of questions :

With Options Without Options
Multiple Choice Theory
Fill in the blank Numericals
True or False Diagram making
Column Matching Common Passage

Can we include Diagrams, Formulas, Equations & Pictures in the question ?

Yes, we can include Question and options text with diagrams, formulas, equations and pictures.


What languages are supported? Is it possible to make bilingual papers ?

Yes, we can include Questions and answers of any language.

We can also make bilingual test papers, and also test papers of different languages, separately.

Here are some of the common questions that people have about using the .

What type of questions can be included in the question bank software? Can I use it only for MCQ exams or tests?

No, there is no such rule; the question bank is not limited to MCQ exams only. On the other hand, it has the capability to have different types of questions like with options and without them too. Some of these include theory or subjective questions, numerical, true or false, fill in the blanks, column matching and passage comprehension.

Is it possible to include questions that contain equations, diagrams, pictures and formulas in the question bank?

Yes, you are free to include questions as well as answer options that have formulas, pictures, diagrams and equations.

What all languages are supported by the question paper generator software? Can I create bilingual papers?

Yes, the question bank can store questions in multiple languages. You can use languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc. as well as foreign languages, like Arabic. It is possible to create bilingual papers as well as separate papers for the primary and secondary language.

Here are screenshots of the step by step process of creating the question bank and generating the question paper.

Building the question bank by entering questions and answers in formatted Word file

Question Paper Generator Software Free Downloadable Screenshots

Classification and tagging of questions

Classification and Tagging of Questions

Create question paper blue print

Create Question Paper Blue Print

Generate test paper output from question paper generator

Generate Test Paper Output from Question Paper Generator

The final step is to actually generate the paper. Here you can specify the output layout and also shuffle the selected questions to create different sets of the same paper. The software selects the questions randomly on the basis of the categories specified.

Here are the screenshots of the question paper outputs generated by the test generator software.

Output - Word file formatted question paper

This is the most commonly used output for the question paper. It is in Word format. The questions can be divided into two columns on the same page, as seen on the screen shot, or can be in a single column. You can choose the layout as you wish.

Output - Word file Formatted Question Paper

Output - Word file and solution sheet

Output - Word file and Solution Sheet

In case of multiple choice questions, the answers are also generated in the Word file in the sequence of the questions.

Input - Word file for bilingual questions bank

Input - Word file for Bilingual Questions Bank<

It is also possible to create bilingual question paper.

Output - Word file bilingual question paper

Output - Word file Bilingual Question Paper

In case you are creating a bilingual question paper, you would get a question paper which is similar to the screenshot provided above. While the left hand side of the paper contains the questions and answer options in English, the right hand side contains the same in Hindi.

Output - Online test questions for online question paper

Output - Online Test Questions for Online Question Paper

If you have create a question paper for an online test, the above shown is the output that you would receive.

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