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Question and Answer Shuffling Software by Making Multiple Sets of Jumbled up Question Papers

The question paper generator software by Addmen is extremely useful for the teaching staff of schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Most teachers consider creating question papers as one of the most difficult tasks. They must ensure that the question paper is a balance of easy, average, difficult, and very difficult questions. They also have to make sure that one question does not repeatedly appear in all papers. Here is where the test paper generator software earns brownie points.

Question Paper Senerator Shuffling/Create Sets

Why Use Question Shuffling Software ?

Many institutes face a problem of cheating during examinations among the students. This is more so when the examination is objective or MCQ based. The best way of preventing the problem is by shuffling the question paper. In that sense, Addmen question paper generator software is one of the best question paper shuffling software.

How Does Question Paper Shuffling Work?

The question paper generator software by Addmen also acts as a question shuffling software, making it possible to create different sets of the same question paper extremely easy.

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