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Question Selection and Question Shuffling in Test Paper Generator

Selecting the Questions for Test Generation

Questions are randomly selected from the question bank, according to the properties specified in the Generate Paper Panel. At any point in time, you may choose to manually check the questions that you wish to include or exclude in the test paper - a utility that comes most handy while dealing with newly added questions and to facilitate easy switching from an old syllabus to a new syllabus.

Setting the Parameters for a Test

The test management software allows you to create and store any number of question banks in the library for later use. You can define your test using the Blue Print Panel, which allows you to set test parameters, such as the subjects and chapters to be included in the test and the number of questions to choose from the questions currently available in the Question Bank.

Create Blue Print Library

Smart Feature for Tackling Shortage of Questions

The test generator software ensures balanced usage of questions, by targeting the least used questions each time it shuffles and selects questions from the question bank. That way you can avoid too much repetition of questions.

Shuffling the Questions Using the Test Generating Software

Question Paper Shuffle/Create Sets

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