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Multiple Choice Question Maker Software

Addmen OMR software comes as three separate modules OMR answer sheet checker software, OMR form reader software and question paper generator software. While the test paper generator software is not based on the OMR technology, it is a useful tool for examination process; it makes generating question papers an easy task.

This software comprises of two parts; the first is a question bank software which helps managing the question bank and the second is the test generation software which helps to create different types of test papers. The process of operating the question answer software can be explained in four simple steps. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Step 1 - How to prepare Questions and Answers content in Question Bank ?

Step 2 - How to classify the Questions in Question Bank Software ?

Step 3 - How to define the requirement of a question paper as per the exam pattern ?

Step 4 - How to generate Question Paper using question paper generator software ?

Addmen's question and answer software makes generating question papers an easy task. The question bank stores as many questions as you want, and you can add more in the future. Also, there are no chances of errors occurring while creating question papers manually. The test paper generator software makes sure that there are no duplicate questions in the same paper.

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