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Question Paper Generator Software Free Demo Video - Introduction to Main Interface and Setting up the Question Bank

The Addmen OMR software possesses three main modules which include the OMR answer sheet checker, the OMR form reader and the question paper preparation software. While the first two modules are used for designing, reading and checking OMR answer sheets and forms, the third one has no connection to the OMR processing system. Rather, it is a software which helps you create question papers, not only for OMR test papers but also for subjective type questions. The video provided here provides an introduction to the main interface and how to set up the question bank.

Part 1 - Introduction to Main Interface

Main Interface

Setting up the Question Bank

This introductory video of Addmen's question paper making software would give you a clear idea on how to create filters in the question bank.

Click here - Also read FAQs on Classification of Question in bank

Part 2 - Building the Question Bank
Part 3 - Create Blue Print: Define Test Paper
Part 4 - Generate Question Paper Output

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