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Online Question Bank Software (QPG)

There are several educational institutes that conduct online tests for their students on a regular basis. For this purpose, Addmen introduced the online test generation software which has been used by many reputed institutes as well as coaching classes. However, along with the online test software, most institutes also require an online question bank software with which they can create and maintain large number of questions online. So when the student comes online for a test, the software randomly selects questions from the bank and presents them to him or her. However, the concept of online bank software has some problems.

Online Question Paper Software

In short, maintaining an online question bank software can cost you time, effort and money. Hence, hough Addmen has an online exam software, it does not provide an online question paper generation software. On the other hand, you can use our offline question bank software and use it for generating online question papers.

Addmen Question Bank Software

To create a question bank, the first thing you have to do is create different question papers sets in your Word file. These Word files can then be transferred to the software where they are stored. Whenever you need to create an online question paper, you can use this question bank for the same. Here are the advantages of using this question bank software:

Another feature of using the Addmen's online test and question bank software is that you can get access to readymade online test papers. We have been working with several coaching classes that train students for competitive exams like IIT JEE, CET, NEET, TET, CPT, IBPS, etc. They have shared several of their capabilities for providing online exam question papers with us. So, by joining Addmen, you get this benefit too.

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