Question Bank Generation Software

Type Question and Answers Stored in Question Bank Software and how to do it ?

Question Bank Generation SoftwareWhat type of Questions can be included ? Does it work only for MCQ questions ?

Test Maker is not just limited to creating MCQ tests . It supports all type of questions:

With Options Without Options
Multiple Choice Theory
Fill in the blank Numericals
True or False Diagram making
Column Matching Common Passage
Question Bank Generation SoftwareCan we include Diagrams, Formulas, Equations & Pictures in the question ?

Yes, we can include Question and options text with diagrams, formulas, equations and pictures.

Question Bank Generation SoftwareWhat languages are supported? Is it possible to make bilingual papers ?

Yes, we can include Questions and answers of any language, even multiple languages.

We can also make bilingual test papers and also test papers in the desired languages separately.

Question Bank Software Input and Output Formats of Word file

Type of Question and Answers Stored in Question Bank Software and How to Do it?

Creating Question Banks

Enter the questions in Word or Excel format, and they’re termed as Question Resource files or QR files.

Creating Classifications

In the Question Bank software, we have options to create the desired filters and property tags. These tag references are allocated to the questions in the QR files. Useful information like properties and classifications of the questions stored in word files is stored in the Question Bank software database.

Question Bank Capacity

There is no limit to creating QR files on a computer. The Question Bank software uses indexing to categorize these files in a question bank. A QR file can store any number of questions. For user convenience it is recommended to keep a QR file with not more than 200 questions. Also, maintaining QR files topic-wise is more easy and quick to understand, rather than subject-wise. QR files can be named as per user convenience.

Editing Questions

Any question from the vast bank of files can be directly accessed and edited from the Question Bank Software itself. Clicking the ‘Edit’ button on the software interface opens up the QR file containing the question that needs editing and this can be saved from the same interface. Questions can also be edited by accessing the QR file directly.