Question Bank Software

Question Bank Software Introduction

It is extremely taxing for teachers and professors to set question papers for every test. They must ensure that there is a balance between easy and difficult questions, and they must see to it that the questions are not repeated from previous test papers. As you have to keep so many things in mind, there are chances of making errors. Here is where the Addmen question bank software can be of help.

The question bank software comes as the third module of the Addmen OMR software, i.e., the question paper generator software. This software helps you to create question papers within minutes. However, before you can do this, you need to have questions in the software's database. This you can do easily by creating question sets even before you buy the software.

Question Bank Software Procedure

The question bank software is a boon for those who have to create question papers on a regular basis. You no longer need to type the questions every time you need to set a question paper. The software does the work for you. The question bank software will definitely save lot of your precious time.