Understanding OMR Sheet Format
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Understanding OMR Sheets Format

Have you ever given competitive exam where you had to answer questions on OMR sheets ? Optical mark recognition sheets are special types of sheets on which candidate need to completely fill the bubbles or put a checkmark in boxes to mark the answer of different questions.OMR sheets are different from other printed-paper. It is very important to understand the parameters of OMR sheet in order to know how this sheet is different from ordinary printer paper that has bubbles.

Know About Parameters of OMR Sheets

OMR sheets makes the process of evaluating test papers very fast .Small error while filling details in OMR can cost a lot to the candidate.

Design Structure of Optical Mark Recognition Sheets

Optical mark recognition sheets are special type of printed sheets.It has a technical format due to which OMR sheet reading software properly detects the marked answer bubbles and gives accurate result. OMR Sheets are designed with specific measured dimensions.

Components of OMR Sheets 

Every OMR sheet has a timeline, in the form of black marking on all four corners of the sheet, known as index points. OMR software use these index points to properly locate the bubbles .So any changes in index points can generate wrong result.

Do not Write in Restricted Areas

There are some areas on OMR sheets where candidates are instructed not to write anything. Do not do any rough work on the demarcated areas.

Other Important Components

Optical mark recognition sheets also have other important components. Candidate needs to fill correct Test ID, Roll NO, answer book series. All fields are mandatory to fill for the candidates otherwise; the exam of candidate can get cancel.

Unique ID Field

Candidates need to fill correct Roll No on the sheet so that OMR scanner can correctly identify the person. In some competitive exams Roll NO is printer on OMR sheets so candidates needs to check whether they received their roll no printer OMR sheet or not.

Test Paper Code

It is important to fill correct test paper code on the sheet. OMR scanner scans the test paper code and evaluates the answer sheet accordingly.

Fill Other Details Correctly

There are other fields also which candidate need to fill correctly. Centre no and book series should be filled properly.

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