How to fill OMR Sheets
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How to Fill OMR Sheets ?

While the instructions mentioned here are followed for filling OMR sheets that will be evaluated using any OMR software or OMR machine , the working of Addmen OMR software, in specific, is not bound by these limitations.

How to fill OMR Sheets

You can customize the Addmen OMR software to accept half-filled bubbles, by adjusting the sensitivity of the software accordingly. The OMR reader software’s reading process remains unaffected by dirt and scratches. Use of whitener does not hamper Addmen OMR software’s reading process.

OMR answer sheets are used for conducting objective tests containing multiple choice questions with bubbles for marking the answers. These are essentially technical documents that are checked and evaluated by the OMR software. These sheets are designed based on technical parameters and dimensions which the software relies on to read them.

Not all papers that contain bubbles or checkboxes can be referred to as OMR sheets. OMR sheets contain index points on all four corners of the sheet, which the software relies on to calibrate the sheets and effectively evaluate them. And special care must be taken while filling these sheets, in order to render them fit for automatic evaluation and to avoid rejections.

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