Forget to Write Roll no. the OMR

Forget to Write Roll no.

Roll number is a unique number that has been given to candidates to avoid complications that rise due to common first names or initials. Allotting roll numbers to each candidate brings about unique IDs to each candidate, thus eliminating problems of duplicate names.

Candidates are typically instructed to write their roll no, as well as enter the digits in OMR format by filling the bubbles for the corresponding numbers. Roll numbers are commonly used for statistical analysis, ranking, and for generating merit lists.

Scenario 1 – Forgot to Write Roll no., But Filled in OMR Format

That’s okay. If you have filled it in OMR format. Handwritten roll numbers are only used as an additional confirmation, just in case someone forgets to fill it in bubble format; in which case Addmen OMR software will prompt a user alert for manual evaluation. Then the evaluator can manually fill the bubbles by referring to the written format.

Scenario 2 – Forgot to Enter the Roll no. in Both, Written or OMR Format

If you have entirely forgotten to enter your roll number at all, your sheet will be exempted from the evaluation process and your candidature is rejected automatically.

So, it is very critical that you remember to write your roll number as well as fill the OMR bubbles. As a candidate appearing for the exam, you need to make it a practice to check your sheet once for sheet filling errors, before you submit the completed OMR sheet.