Guidelines to OMR Test Invigilator

Examiner Guidelines While Handling OMR Sheets

There are many organizations that are in need of evaluating their answer sheets very efficiently and at the same moment with great speed.Here, to add to the software’s accurate evaluation, fine attention should be paid while instructing the students as to how to fill their sheets. At the end of the test, the OMR sheets must be properly collected and submitted to the concerned authorities.

Generally there will be set of instructions to the students which are mentioned in the question paper itself. However there are very concerned authorities that give proper guidelines to the invigilators. It is because of these invigilators who do not have completed knowledge will be screwing out the student’s results in many ways. But all these can be avoided once every invigilator goes through these simple rules for efficient results.

The students and examiners for proper results should implement strictly the rules about the OMR documents used in the exams.