How to Erase on OMR Sheet?

How to Erase on OMR Sheet

Most examination bodies and academic institutions conducting OMR based aptitude tests prefer the use of pens over pencils, for filling the OMR sheets. This makes it difficult and almost impossible to erase incorrect markings on the OMR sheets, as using a pen eraser is likely to thin and damage the OMR sheet. While Addmen OMR software can facilitate the use of whiteners, this is not supported by other OMR software. It is advised that you double-check your answer before marking the bubbles, especially if you are using a pen.

If you’re marking the bubbles using a pencil, remember to erase the marks completely, so there are no smudged marks, which may be considered as a stray mark by the OMR software.

Do's and Don't for Removing OMR Marks