More MCQ Answered Than Required

The OMR sheet is used when the examination format possesses multiple-choice questions. Sometimes the questions and answer options or bubbles are provided on the same sheet of paper or there might be two separate sheets, one containing the questions and one for marking the answers on OMR answer sheet. Every examination is different and has its own set of rules. Many students or candidates ignore the instructions in order to finish the paper early and end up making a mistake.

One of the mistakes that many candidates make is answering more MCQ questions than required. For instance, you are instructed to answer only 60 questions out of the total 100. If you have not read the instructions, you may answer more than 60, say 75, which is more than required. While there is no negative marking for answering more questions, this could affect your scores in a negative way.

The OMR sheet reader would be set to check 60 answers and would read the first 60 and ignore the other 15, even if they are correct. So, if you have made mistakes in the first 60 questions that you have answered and the other 15 are all correct, you are set to lose a lot of marks. Also, you waste a lot of time while you could have concentrated on answering questions that you were completely sure of.

So, while you attempt questions that you don’t know the answer for, it can cause you to score less than you deserve. Hence, always read the instructions to see if there are negative marks involved and answer only those questions that you are completely sure of.