College Attendance Management System

OMR Based Attendance Management System for Colleges and University

Most colleges and universities take attendance for every period or lecture. This is to ensure that students have sufficient attendance for every subject. Usually, the attendance is taken in a register or a muster that contains the name and roll no. of the student as well as a list of all the days of the month. The attendance is usually calculated at the end of week or month to prepare a list of defaulters. This is a time consuming process and can also give rise to errors. This is the reason why OMR based attendance sheet format is becoming more popular.

The OMR attendance sheet has bubbles not only for marking the attendance of the students but also for several other categories like course, year, semester, division, etc. As each day has a separate sheet, you will also find space to fill the date (DD/MM/YY) in the OMR format. With such information provided in the OMR sheet, it makes it easy for identifying the class or group of students.

College Attendance Management System

The OMR attendance sheet given above is an example of an attendance sheet for eight periods or lectures of a single day. Ideally, the same sheet of paper is passed from one teacher to another at the end of every lecture. If this is not possible, eight copies of the same OMR sheet are given to each teacher and they have to mark the attendance in the column allotted for their subject or period.

Adjacent to the eighth column is the error column which can be used in case someone made a mistake in marking the attendance. This error can be specified in the instructions box provided at the end of the OMR sheet.

Once the eight columns or the eight sheets are filled, they are submitted to the data operator at the end of the day. These sheets are then scanned and read by the OMR software. The attendance for each period is taken and exported to an Excel sheet. The image of the instructions box is also transferred into Excel, with which you can rectify the errors made by the teacher in marking the attendance of any particular student.

Although the above given sheet has been made for 129 students, you can have more or less columns as per the strength of the students in your class. This attendance sheet format for college is easy to fill as well as to process. Within no time, you will have access to the number of students present and absent.