Attendance Sheet Sample for Security Guards Shift

OMR Based Attendance System for Corporates

Most corporate offices have a biometric system for managing the attendance of their employees. This helps them to automate the attendance system of their organization, and it also rules out the chances of errors as well as manipulation. Also, the attendance management software can be integrated with the payroll software, making monthly payroll processing simple and fast. However, this is an expensive system as apart from buying the equipment, you have to get smart cards for each and every employee. Hence, some corporate offices, especially those who do not have too many or too less staff members opt for the OMR attendance sheet.

Here we have presented an OMR attendance sheet format for marking the attendance of guards in a security agency.

This sample OMR based attendance system for corporate can be downloaded for free. If it suits the attendance needs of your company perfectly, you can get the sheet printed and use it to mark the attendance of your employees. At the end of the month, this sheet should be first scanned using a regular scanner and then read by the OMR form reader software. The attendance data would be automatically transferred to an excel sheet in your computer for further processing.

Attendance Sheet Sample for Security Guards Shift