OMR Attendance Sheet Formats

Automation of Attendance by Using OMR Attendance Sheet Formats

Most colleges and universities in India require each student to have 75-80% attendance for every subject. This has made taking attendance during every lecture a compulsion. However, this has eaten into teaching time as most classes have more than 100 students. Also, entering the attendance data into the system becomes highly time-consuming. An option that some colleges have opted for is using the biometric system. However, this is expensive and cannot be afforded by most colleges. Hence, colleges have started using the OMR attendance sheets.

OMR Attendance Sheet Formats

The OMR attendance sheet saves a lot of time as attendance management system documentation can be done quickly. Here are some OMR attendance sheet formats that you can use as per your requirements.

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Several OMR attendance sheet formats are available. Apart from schools and colleges, even corporate companies use these sheets to maintain the attendance log of their employees. It is possible to personalize the sheets as per your requirement.