OMR Based Attendance Management System for Institute

OMR Based Attendance Management System for Colleges and University

OMR attendance sheets come in various formats and layouts. With the Addmen OMR software, it is also possible to design attendance sheets as per your requirement. In most colleges, a single attendance sheet is used for marking the attendance of a class in a day. This sheet is transferred from one teacher to the other at the end of every lecture. However, sometimes it may not be possible for one teacher to hand over the sheet to another directly. In this case, he or she may keep it in the classroom, which is not always safe as the students may try to manipulate it. For this reason, several colleges provide monthly attendance sheet to each faculty member.

The monthly sheet is better than daily attendance sheet as only faculty member has to maintain one sheet. There is space provided to write the name of the faculty, month, course, class and division. There is also a pre-printed number on the top right side of the page. This number is a unique identity number which can be read and identified by the OMR reader software.

This OMR attendance sheet has been designed for 31 days and can mark the attendance of 25 students. At the top of the attendance bubbles, there are bubbles for marking the number of periods taken by the teacher in a day. If the teacher has taken more than one lecture in one day, he or she does not have to take the attendance twice a day. Instead, he or she just has to mark the no. of periods taken. The OMR software calculates the attendance of the students accordingly.

At the end of the month, this sheet has to be submitted to the data entry operator. The attendance results are transferred into the computer within minutes.

OMR Based Attendance Management System for Institute