Election Ballot Paper Example for Voting

Election Ballot Paper Example for Voting

Voting machines have replaced the old practice of election ballot paper for voting. It is an interesting change that the Indian voting system has witnessed. It is not just the voting machine but also the online voting system that is gaining its speed. When it comes to the serious government or cabinet elections the voting machines are preferred.

But when it comes to elections within institutions or the organizations, using voting machines would be too expensive. Such expenses are not required too. However, using the ballot papers would be too time consuming. The only solution to such time consuming process would be online voting system. OMR election ballot sheet is the best way to get the process of voting and results done in limited time.

In this program the OMR sheet would have index points in the corners similar to the ballot paper. There you will find names of the representatives and bubbles or boxes against it. The people voting for the representative will simply have to tick the bubble or the box. A single tick and the vote will be counted.

In case the elections are to be conducted at various levels and need different sections then the ballot sheets can be designed as per your requirement.

Different committees would have different rules and specifications for elections. This is why you would wish for a layout that is comfortable to use. Strict measures are to be taken in order to ensure that the voting is not rigged. For instance there is a need for barcode to identify the voter and his location. But if you wish the election to be anonymous you can choose to skip the barcode part.

Once the elections are over the voting sheets would be scanned by the OMR software. If the elections were conducted in several locations, they are to be first accumulated and brought together. Thus it will allow you to scan the different sheets as per their locations. But bringing the sheets together would facilitate the counting of votes and getting the results. Below mentioned are 2 examples of the ballot sheets:

Election Ballot Paper Example for Voting