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Feedback of Hospital Services Give by In-patients Read Using OMR Based Feedback Form

Hospitals conduct regular feedbacks to know whether their patients are satisfied with the services they provide. Such feedbacks help them to know which areas need improvement and also aid them to make a plan to improve the quality of their services. Earlier such surveys were subjective. However, subjective surveys are not always helpful as not many people like to provide their opinions in detail. Hence, such surveys are objective in nature. For ease of assessing the collected data, most hospitals use OMR survey forms.

Here, we have presented feedback of hospital services given by in-patients read using OMR based feedback form.

Feedback Form Features:

Besides, patients are also encouraged to provide information about the experience at the hospital. There are also special fields for things like any inconvenience faced and any suggestions to improve our hospital. Below these are some fields for collecting patient’s contact details.