Feedback Form for Survey Railway

OMR Reader Used in Survey of Railway Passengers for Quality of Services Expected From IRCTC

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC conducts regular surveys to know the feedback of the travellers about the services provided by them. This helps them to know as to whether they are happy or satisfied with the services and whether some things need to be changed. As the survey is taken by a lot of commuters across the country, manually checking all the sheets is a difficult task. Hence, IRCTC has started using the OMR sheets for this purpose.

The OMR software helps to read these OMR survey forms. Beside from this, you can also use it to design such sheets. The IRCTC survey form provided here has been designed and created by the Addmen group using their OMR software. This survey is used to know the opinions of the travellers about the train staff, the food served, the condition of the train, etc.

Sheet Features: 

The OMR form reader used in survey of railway passengers for quality of services expected from IRCTC would display the data received from passengers in an Excel sheet format. As all the information is available at one place, it is easy to compare and analyze them.

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