120 Question OMR Sheet Sample

120 Question OMR Sheet Sample

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition software is used to read OMR sheets. As the speed of the software is high, it is used for checking OMR answer sheets. These answer sheets are usually used for examinations that have objective or multiple choice questions. These sheets have bubbles in the form of answer options. The students have to mark the correct or appropriate bubble fully. Due to the index points on the corners of the sheet, the OMR software detects and reads the dark marks made on the bubbles.

We have presented a 120 question OMR sheet sample designed by Addmen group. This sheet can be downloaded and used for practising. Make sure that the index points on the sheet are printed properly. This is important for the OMR software to read the sheets accurately. However, you do not need to use any special printer or paper for printing the OMR sheets. A laser or inkjet printer is sufficient for this purpose. Moreover, normal white sheets can be used for printing.

Sheet Design:

You can download the 120 question sample sheet in black and white, as well as colored formats.

120 Question OMR Sheet Sample