180 Question OMR Sheet Sample

180 Question OMR Sheet Sample

The Addmen group is known as the best OMR software company as it provides complete OMR solutions based on the new OMR technology. It has made designing, printing, scanning, reading and evaluating of OMR sheets extremely easy and affordable too. This is the reason why many colleges and universities use the OMR sheets for their examinations.

This sheet is best for entrance examinations where lot of students participate. The students have to mark the appropriate bubbles instead of writing the answer. Moreover, the papers are not checked by actual evaluators but by the OMR answer sheet checker software. While it might take days for an evaluator to complete checking all the answer sheets, the software does the same in a matter of hours.

As the OMR answer sheets have become quite common in competitive examinations in India, it is important for students to practice on similar sheets to get used to their format, layout, rules for filling, etc. For this reason, we have provided a 180 question OMR sheet sample which can be easily downloaded and printed for practising.

Sheet Structure:

Although the sample sheet provided here is a colored one, black and white OMR sheet is also available. Whichever sheet you choose to download, make sure to follow the instructions for filling the sheet to make sure that the OMR software provides the correct results.