90 Question OMR Sheet Sample
90 Question OMR Sheet Sample

90 Question OMR Sheet Sample

The Addmen OMR software has made designing and printing OMR sheets quite easy as well as quick. The OMR designing software does not need the user to have elaborate sheet designing skills, as you can design an OMR sheet by dragging and dropping the grids. We also give you an option of downloading readymade OMR sheets of different sizes and questions. Here we present a 90 question OMR sheet sample that you can download for free.

As the OMR answer sheet is a special type of paper, some specific instructions have to be followed while filling the sheet. These include filling the bubbles completely and using blue or black ball point pen and not pencil. Apart from the answer bubbles, even the roll no and test ID have to be filled in the OMR format. Students who are answering the question paper using an OMR sheet for the first time may find this confusing. Hence, it would be a great idea to use the sample sheet for practicing before the actual examination.

The answer sheet provided here has 90 questions, which have been divided into six columns with 15 questions in one column. Each question has four options for the students to choose from. Although the sheet provided here is colored, the black and white version of the same sheet is also available for practice purpose.

The main thing that one should remember while printing the OMR sheets is to make sure that no changes or alterations are made to the four index points placed in the corners of the sheet. Ensure that the index points are dark black in color.

Sample OMR Answer Sheet 90 Questions