IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2007 Pattern

IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2007 Pattern

Addmen has been designing OMR sheets for IIT JEE examination since 2006. The reason why IIT chooses Addmen's OMR software for this purpose is that this software is flexible enough to handle different types of OMR sheet designing and reading purposes. The IIT Joint Entrance Examination has a complex answer sheet pattern as it includes question paper patterns like MCQ patterns, integer type patterns and matrix type patterns. The best thing about OMR software is that it provides all these OMR patterns in one sheet.

The OMR answer sheet format of IIT 2007 has two sheets of paper, which are Paper-I and Paper-II. Both these papers have three sections and different number of questions. The patterns used in both these papers are also the mix of the three types of patterns mentioned above. The type of question asked would decide the type of pattern used.

The MCQ based questions are typically used in most OMR test sheets. This is also the most commonly used pattern in IIT entrance examinations. The students are provided with four options and are asked to pick one and sometimes two answers from the options. On the other hand, the integer type of question shows a column or two with numbers from 0 to 9. This is used for questions for which the answer is in the numerical form.

In case students are provided with a passage comprehension in the IIT JEE question paper, the answer options are provided in the matrix form. There are four to five rows of bubbles as per the no. of questions, and each row has 4-5 options.

The IIT JEE OMR sheet 2007 pattern is provided here. You can download the sheets from here for practice. Once you download the sheets, these can be printed using an inkjet or laser printer.