IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2014 Pattern

IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2014 Pattern

IIT JEE or the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination is considered as one of the most prestigious entrance examinations conducted nationwide. Thousands of students take part in the exam to gain admission in IITs across the country. It uses a complex examination pattern, which requires the use of OMR answer sheets.

IIT OMR Test Pattern

IIT JEE relies on a complex test pattern to determine the eligibility of its candidates. Their test papers have a unique layout and are different from those used by other entrance examinations. Here, we have provided a sample IIT JEE OMR sheet used in the 2014 exams. It features a combination of MCQs and integral questions based on numerical solutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

Integral Questions Based on Numerical Solutions

IIT 2014 OMR Sheet Features

Addmen has been creating OMR sheets for IIT examinations since 2006, including the test sheets that were used in IIT JEE 2014. Given below are some of its features:

IIT JEE 2014 Advanced Paper I

IIT JEE 2014 Advanced Paper II

In both the sheets, candidates are required to enter their roll no. and test ID in written form as well as by filling the bubbles in OMR format. There is also space for entering the candidate’s name, batch no, mobile no, and test date.

Alongside the space provided for candidate’s and invigilator's signatures, a set of sheet filling instructions have also been given.

Click the image links below to download the samples of IIT JEE OMR sheet 2014 pattern for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Paper-I and Paper-II.

JEE OMR Sheet PDF file for direct printing of sample OMR Answer Sheet . 2 Colored JEE OMR Sheet sample PDF for Inkjet Printer & Offset Printing