Sample OMR Answer Sheet Formats

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OMR or Optical Mark Reading software has made checking of MCQ based tests quite simple and convenient. Addmen OMR software is a one stop solution for designing, printing, and processing OMR test sheets. Now, teachers or evaluators do not need to spend time in checking the answer sheets. This work is done by the OMR software and that too quickly. Along with this, the OMR software is also used for designing the OMR sheets. However, students who want to practice on the OMR sheets would not be able to buy the OMR software. Hence, we have provided samples of OMR test answer sheets.

Different types of OMR sheets are available here in PDF formats, containing a range of 50-300 questions. Even the answer sheet samples of IIT JEE are provided. Here are some of the things that you should know about these sheets for MCQ based OMR tests.

The OMR answer sheet samples provided here are perfect for conducting MCQ based exams. Download the format of your choice according to your requirements.

Some Common OMR Sheet Samples

Sample OMR Answer Sheet Formats