Carbonless OMR Sheet

Carbonless OMR Sheets

What is a Carbonless OMR sheet?

A carbonless sheet or carbonless copy paper is a replacement for carbon paper. The carbonless OMR sheet consists of two sheets of paper one above the other.Carbonless OMR sheet consists of sheet coated with special dye. The special dyes are used to take make an impression on the second paper whenever there is an impact created on the top paper. Examination centre will generally retain the first paper, and second paper will be taken by the candidate with the tine carbonless coating with the replica of the sheet he has done in the examination. This replica which can be taken by the candidate after the examination can be used for future reference in case of any problem. Such practice will show the clarity of examination and the liability of the exam increases. The color of the both papers can be different from one other so that the candidates are not taking wrong paper.

Paper Properties

The costs of the carbonless paper are costlier than commonly used carbon papers. These type papers are generally used for highly sensitive government exams.

Why is There a Need for Carbonless OMR Sheets?