Duplex OMR Sheet

Duplex or 2-Sided OMR Sheets

Duplex sheets can be designed using the OMR software if you have so many questions that can’t be fit into one page. Generally there is no limit to the number of columns or rows in OMR sheet, and sheets are not restricted to single side printing. It is possible to print two-sided or duplex OMR sheets.

Sometimes it is impossible to fit the entire need of an application form and the answer sheet in a single sided OMR sheet. In such a case, the layout of the OMR sheet has to be printed on the both sides of the sheet. To avoid confusion generally, rows and columns related to a type of information are printed in any one side of the Two Sided OMR Sheet Designs. Now a days, most of the examinations tend to use the duplex OMR sheets than the single sided OMR sheets.

For instance, let us look at the following examples.

This type of printing of the OMR sheets creates a pleasant look, and printing feels more legible

Duplex OMR Sheet
Duplex OMR Sheet