OMR Forms with Handwriting

OMR Forms with Handwriting

OMR forms are sheets containing index points on all four corners, and question blocks and answer bubbles for marking the correct answer. Candidates appearing for OMR answer sheet based MCQ tests are required to fill these bubbles with blue/black ball point pen, which the OMR software then reads to verify the accuracy of the answers.

OMR forms handwriting are more popular in the recent days because of its varied uses. These forms have blocks meant for writing addresses or other free-text information. OMR Software comes equipped with OCR and ICR technologies for reading printed digits, barcodes etc and handwritten text, respectively. It can also read images and photographs to be stored in the database for later use and reference.

For all OMT forms with handwriting to be read effectively, the forms need to be filled appropriately. It is advised that you first read the instructions on the form carefully before beginning to fill it.

Handwritten OMR forms are read by the software the same way OMR sheets with bubbles are read. You may use any scanner to scan the sheets. Addmen OMR software reads the sheets and exports the information collected onto Excel sheet formats.