Two part OMR Sheets

Two part OMR Sheets

In some exams two part OMR sheets are used. One side contains the blocks in which candidates need to give their identification details, and the other part contains question blocks with bubbles or checkboxes for marking the answers. The part containing the answers is sent for evaluations, and the part containing candidate information is passed on for inputting in the institute’s database.

This type of OMR sheets are used in the government recruitment examinations. Its main aim of use in such examinations is to provide confidentiality so that no person can manipulate the sheet. The details of the candidate are detached from the OMR sheet so that it is not possible to identify the candidate while evaluating the answer sheets. This type of sheet is mainly used in IIT -JEE, AIEEE, AIMS and many more competitive exams.

Working of two –sided OMR Sheets

Barcode is printed on the both parts of the sheet. When the details of the candidates detached from the answer sheet then after scanning of OMR answer sheet, the barcodes are matched so that the candidate can be accurately identified.These sheets are used in government recruitment examinations so that no manipulation can be done by external person.

Know About Mechanism of This OMR Sheet

This OMR sheet is used in many competitive examinations to prevent any fraud or cheating. The mechanism of this sheet is very simple. This sheet has two detachable parts. One part contain the candidate roll no and other important details. The other part contain answer sheet.

How 2 Part OMR Sheets are Processed?

These two sheets are collect separately and their bar coded is scanned. After the scanning of both sheets, they are combined with the help of barcode. It provides confidentiality and also makes the process very fast.

Where 2 part OMR Sheets are Used?

When the exam is conducted at multiple centres then there are large changes of manipulation of answer sheet. In order to prevent any manipulation to occur these 2 part OMR sheets are used in many exams. It is not possible to identify the candidate through these sheets

These types of sheets are mainly used in competitive examinations like AIEEE, GATE etc.

Use of Barcode

Barcode is printed on the both sides of the sheet. Same barcode is printed on both sides so when the two parts are detached then they can combine with the help of barcode.

The first part contains the candidate information. It has the same barcode as printed on the other side of sheet .The second part is to mark answers of questions asked in examinations. Candidate should not scratch the barcode because it can cost them a lot.

During the exam evaluation process, these two parts are detached from each other and with the help of the bar code, they are combined. It helps to provide 100% confidentially in the competitive exams. Two-part OMR sheets provide confidentiality to some extent.

Two part OMR Sheets
Two part OMR Sheets