Types of OMR Forms

Types of OMR Forms

OMR answer sheets and OMR forms are the major two types of OMR sheets used. OMR Answer sheets are used typically for conducting MCQ based objective tests, while the latter is used for collecting a large amount of data from application forms, marketing surveys etc

Although the structure of OMR forms is the same, their purpose may vary with different organizations.Registration forms are used to collect basic information of the candidates applying for college admissions, corporate recruitment etc. Whereas specifically designed application forms are used to collect detailed information of those enrolling for admissions.

OMR forms can also be used as feedback forms and questionnaires, typically used for marketing surveys and other research purposes, where participants just need to pick from the various answers provided as options.

OMR Form Reader Software All layouts of OMR forms can be effectively read and processed using the OMR Form Reader. The forms are first passed through a regular image scanner, and the resulting images are read by the software. All the data is collected and displayed in an Excel sheet format. The software can read different types of blocks, including handwritten content (if any), using ICR and OCR technology.

You can also design OMR forms using the OMR sheet designing software, and print them onto regular copier paper using an inkjet, laser or offset printer.