Types of OMR Sheets

Types of OMR Sheets

OMR sheets  are different from the normal printed sheets. It has the index points on 4 corners and bubbles or boxes are given on it to mark the answer. There are different types of OMR sheets. The type and layout of the OMR sheet is determined by the purpose for which the sheet is printed.OMR sheet can be used for

OMR Sheets are Also Classified According to its Design and Printing Process

Two-sided OMR sheet: Typically used when there are too many questions to fit into one page.
Black and White OMR sheets: With the advancement of technology, it is possible to have black and white OMR sheets too. It is used for many purpose like test sheets, application form etc.
Colored OMR sheets: Used for compatibility with old OMR technology. Preferably orange or red colored sheets are used. Colored sheets are accurately checked; even light markings are also detected with ease.
Barcoded Sheets: Used whenever student ID, roll no. etc need to be masked, in order to prevent misplacement of sheets or duplication of answers.

Other formats: Sheets containing Lithocode, foldable sheets, carbonless printed sheets, detachable sheets etc.

OMR Sheets Classified According to Purpose for Which it is Used

OMR Sheets Classified According to Blocks

Classification of OMR Sheets According to Design and Printing Process

Black and White OMR sheets

With the help of the Addmen OMR Software, it is possible to use black and white omr sheets also. These omr sheets are printed on the white paper.

Colorful OMR Sheet

In some exams, colored omr sheet is preferred as it is very easy for the  OMR scanner  to detect the filled information on it. It gives accurate result. Two colors have to be used in this case; one has to be black while the others can be red, pink, orange, golden yellow, etc. Colored sheets are also used if the examination body is using the old OMR technology to read the OMR sheets.

Duplex OMR Sheet

When the questions are large in number then this type of OMR sheet is used. For the application forms also duplex or two –sided OMR sheets are used.

OMR Sheets Having Barcode

In order to properly identify the sheet bar code is given on it, candidates need to take care of the bar code and do not scratch it. Bar code contains very important information. OMR sheets with barcodes are usually used for avoiding malpractices during examination or evaluation. This OMR sheet is used to fill feedback form also where the candidates do not want to reveal their identities directly.

Special Lithocode OMR Sheet

These sheets are the best alternative of barcode OMR sheets. There are some limitations of barcode OMR sheets due to which lithopone OMR sheets are used. Main benefit of using these sheets is printing and obsored series.

Folded OMR Sheets

Some OMR sheets, which are used for application form or feedback form, are printed on longer paper. Crease line is provided on the folded OMR sheet through which it can be folded. These OMR sheets can be folded and put into A4 envelope also. This prevents the sheets from getting damaged during storage or transportation.

2 Part OMR Sheet

These sheets are attached with the question booklet which the candidate has to tear. Detachable sheets are easy to separate from the booklet. It is used to hide the identity of the candidates from examiners in confidential examinations.

Carbonless OMR Sheets

These types of sheets are used in some exams where candidates are allowed to take carbonless OMR sheet with them in order to check their answer. These are very sensitive sheets and the students have to make sure that they submit the master copy and take only the second copy home.

Traditional OMR Sheet

These OMR sheets are printed on very thick paper and have a time line instead of index points. These sheets are first designed in CorelDraw or any such DTP software and are printed and scanned at a high resolution. The Addmen OMR software can read these sheets.

Addmen OMR Sheet

The Addmen OMR sheet can design the OMR sheets quickly by just dragging and dropping the bubbles in the grid. These sheets have index points on the four corners and can be printed in black and white or color. Once the sheets are designed, they can be printed on regular printing sheets with an inkjet or laser printer.