How to fill exam roll no. on OMR sheets

How to Fill Exam Roll no.?

The exam roll no. is perhaps the most important piece of information a candidate must fill, so the evaluation committee knows who the answer sheet belongs to. This becomes more important when it comes to OMR sheet. Besides entering the roll no. in written text form, the candidates are also supposed to fill their roll numbers in the OMR format too, i.e. by marking the right bubbles corresponding to the digit options provided in matrix type OMR block format.

It is imperative for every student to write their roll number on the answer sheet properly and carefully before attempting to solve the questions. Here are some essential tips on filling the exam roll no. on an OMR sheet.

Take extra care while filling your roll number, to avoid chances of rejections during evaluations. Always start filling the answer bubbles only after you have entered your roll number.