Full Bubble Filling

How Cautious to Be While Doing Full Bubble Filling OMR Answer Sheets

Multiple-choice questions are generally asked in these day's examinations, for which OMR answer sheets are used. For all the available four to five options, students need to mark/fill the correct bubble without confusion, so to avoid the need for erasing incorrectly marked answers. While the latest OMR readers can be customized to read tick marks and half-filled bubbles, it is still imperative for all students to fill the bubbles completely if the instructions on the OMR answer sheet specifically mention it. Older OMR technologies are incapable of accepting tick marks or half-filled bubbles though, but Addmen OMR software is quite flexible when it comes to reading the bubbles.

Flexibility in Reading of Bubbles

Most examinations specifically instruct the candidates to fill the bubbles completely. But here are a few points to be noted:

Addmen OMR scanner software is able to read tick marks and half-filled bubbles. However students should not take this as an advantage as they cannot judge which sort of OMR scanner the institution is using. So be careful while following the instructions of the board before filling the OMR sheet.