OMR sheet sample for practice

Download OMR sheet free sample for practice

OMR sheets are specially designed papers that can be read by the OMR software. These sheets are used for most competitive examinations in India, in which a lot of students participate. As these answer sheets are designed using special OMR software, students cannot create their own sheets for practice purpose at home using the generic designing tools in their PC. Hence, we provide OMR sheet free sample PDF for practice.

The OMR sheet samples we provide here have different formats according to the number of questions in each sheet. Apart from this, all the sheets are available both in color as well as black and white. You can click any of these links and download the PDF of that particular sample of OMR sheet for practice.

After you have downloaded the sheet, the next step is to take the printout so that you can practice filling the sheet. We have provided OMR sheet samples containing 50, 100, 120, 150, 180, 250, and 300 questions. For this, you need a white A4 size sheet and a normal printer. Yes, a laser or inkjet printer is sufficient for printing the OMR sheets; and a regular OMR test sheet with 300 questions and five answer options each can be printed onto A4 size papers. You do not need any special printer for this.

Apart from students, private coaching classes and colleges who provide practice tests for their students can also use these sample OMR sheets. In such cases, they can use the offset printer. However, they have to make sure that no changes are done to the position of the index points while printing.

Here is a list of OMR sheet sample PDFs that you can use for direct printing and practising.

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OMR sheet sample for practice