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Standard Requirement OMR Model Sheet and Answer Sheet for Printing and Practice

The OMR sheets are usually used when the examinations involve multiple choice questions or objective type questions. Such type of questions is usually used for entrance tests as well as for some competitive examinations. Each of these exams has their own OMR sheet format depending on their requirements. However, we have provided some readymade answer sheet designs as per standard requirements. You are free to download them for printing and practice.

Most exam committees and boards use the Addmen OMR sheet designer software for designing the answer sheets. However, for several reasons you would like to use readymade OMR sheets which are readily available on our website. You can download it and get it printed using a regular printer.

Why is there a need for predefined OMR sheet samples?

Although the OMR sheet designing software is easy to use, there may be times when you may not have time to design the sheets on your own. Also, if you are a new user of the OMR software, you would take time to learn to design the sheets. In such circumstances, the OMR samples for 50, 100, 150, 200, and 300 questions.

Even if you do not have the OMR software with you at the moment, you can still download and print the OMR sheets. You can get them checked when you buy the OMR software at a later date.

Using the OMR sheets is extremely easy. Once you download them, you can get them printed using any normal inkjet or laser printer. You do not need the help of any special printer for printing these OMR sheets. If you have to print lots of copies of these sheets, it would be best to opt for offset printing.

OMR Sheet Sample

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