Special Purpose Forms

Special purpose Forms

Special purpose OMR forms are designed for special purposes and can be used in the form of election ballot papers, quality cards, and process cards. Each of these papers contains several options that the users mark by filling the bubbles or putting a checkmark in the checkboxes provided.

What are OMR Sheets?

OMR sheets are specially designed papers that can be read automatically by the OMR software, which reads black marks from the sheet for data collection and processing. While OMR sheets are commonly used for examinations containing MCQ, they are used for other purposes too, as mentioned earlier.

OMR Ballot Papers

OMR Process Cards

OMR Quality Cards

Special OMR forms can be customized according to your needs using Addmen OMR Software, and the overall process of administration is done quickly and swiftly.

Samples of Special Purpose OMR Forms

Special Purpose Forms