Hybrid OMR Sheets
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Hybrid OMR Sheets

Different Types of OMR Sheets - Hybrid OMR Sheets ( Form + Answer Sheet )

A hybrid sheet is a combo of OMR test sheet and OMR application form. Hybrid OMR Sheets contain some fields for questions and for entering roll no. etc, along with additional fields for data collection.

Hybrid sheets are typically used for conducting government exams to cross check the information provided in application form with the information in the answer sheets. Hybrid sheets are also used for facilitating administrative tasks, where the purpose is to collect data at the time of test, especially during Admissions, Scholarships, and assessment tests where the participant is anonymous to the examination conducting institution.

To read and process hybrid sheets, a combination of OMR Answer Sheet Checker +  OMR Form Reader  (Module A+B) is required.

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