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OMR Answer Sheet Checker FAQs

The OMR Answer Sheet Checker reads black marks from completed OMR test sheets and generates results based on all the correct/incorrect answers marked by the candidates. Most preferred by educational institutions and recruitment firms for conducting MCQ based objective exams. The software is known for its accuracy and speed of processing. Here are some of the important things you need to know about the OMR Answer Sheet Checker.

What is the OMR Sheet Checking Software Used for?

The  OMR Answer Sheet Checker  is an optical mark reader used for collecting and processing data from scanned OMR based aptitude test sheets. The software is extensively used by educational bodies, IT corporations, and recruitment agencies, in order to conduct examinations involving multiple choice questions.

What Scoring Systems Does the OMR Sheet Checker Recognize?

The software can also be used for processing tests involving decimal marking. Bonus points and negative scoring can also be defined.

Can I Evaluate a Test While Retaining the Results From the Previous Tests?

The software allows for evaluation of multiple tests, while not affecting the results from the previous tests. Multiple instance reader lets you read test papers for various subjects/modules, and is capable of processing sheets with different layouts or designs in the same session. You can separately evaluate and store as many test reports as desired.

How Much Time Does the Answer Sheet Checker Takes to Evaluate the OMR Sheets?

The OMR sheets are first scanned and then evaluated by the OMR software. While the  software reads  the sheets quickly, the total time taken for evaluation would depend on the speed of the scanner. The standard version of the OMR answer sheet checker reads three to four sheets in one second while the professional version reads 10,000 sheets in one hour. If you have the standard OMR software, you can scan 100 sheets in two minutes. The total time taken to read the sheets, generate the reports and declare the results would be less than five minutes.

Can the OMR Test Checker Software Evaluate Tests With Multiple Sets of Answer keys?

Yes. This is possible. Sometimes, different sets of the same question paper are created to prevent students from indulging in copying. Along with the question paper, the question paper generator software also generates answer key sets for each of the question paper set. When the sheets are scanned, the OMR software evaluates every answer sheet according to its corresponding answer sheet automatically. The software recognizes the answer sheet with the help of the question paper set mentioned in the sheet in the OMR format.

How Does the OMR Software Recognize and Process Wrong Questions?

Questions which are deemed as wrong or are cancelled from the exam are entitled to bonus marking. In most cases, bonus marks are only given to all candidates irrespective of whether they have attempted the question. But you can also restrict the bonus marking to only those candidates who attempted the question.

Is Rescanning Necessary if the Correct Answer for a Question Has to be Changed?

You don’t need to pass the sheets through the scanner or the  OMR reader  again. You simply need to alter the answer key to that question. The software also allows recalculations and manual monitoring.

How Do you Define an Answer Key in the OMR Software?

Entering the answer key is a simple and a straightforward process. You can simply copy-paste the answers from a document (Excel). Critical requirements demand for intricate procedures. Manually fill all the correct answers in an  OMR sheet  and pass it through the reader, and you can use the marked answers from that sheet to define the answer keys. You can also manually enter the answer keys, if you prefer that method to redefine the answer keys to one or two questions. Do note that OMR software solutions can evaluate multiple tests with varied answer keys.

Can the OMR Software Read Candidate Names?

Apparently, merit lists are generated with candidate names and their contact details, and this does not require that the names be actually present on the sheets during the reading module. Candidate names and their contact details can be separately imported into the software as a one-time procedure. To aid quick reading and faster data processing, the OMR Checker only reads statistically relevant information like the roll no, class details, etc. Irrelevant details like the signature and the photo are not required to be present in the answer sheets, as their presence would only increase the processing time.

In What Formats Do we Obtain the OMR Test Reports?

Reports generated after data processing can be easily exported into Excel formats or you can create your own format as per your requirement. Results can be obtained in the form of statistical merit lists as well as graphical representations.

Is it Possible to Change the Test Definition after Evaluating the Sheet?

Test definitions cannot be altered midway through processing of one lot of sheets, and its results cannot be later incorporated into test evaluations. Such adjustments cannot be done. You will need to make the changes before processing the results, for your changes to be incorporated into the final results.

Can the OMR Sheet Checker Evaluate Tests with Questions Distributed on 2 Sides of the Same Page?

Yes, the software works irrespective of whether the question sheets are single sided or if the questions are printed on both sides of the same sheet.

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