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We have explained the workings of the OMR scanner software through this video. You will find all the information regarding the modules and features of the OMR sheet software here. The three modules have three different videos which show how to operate them step by step. You will also find information regarding the OMR sheet design facility.

Addmen OMR sheet reading software offers comprehensive solutions from OMR Form Reader to Online Result Upload Feature. This software is segregated in 3 sections: Question Paper Generator, OMR Answer Sheet Checker, and OMR Form Reader. Depending on your need you can buy any of the modules either independently or in combinations.

Each module has specific functions to perform. Question paper generator is not associated with the OMR processes. However, it is a great resource to generate question papers quickly and effectively. The answer sheet checker would read the answer sheets and evaluate them. OMR form reader would read the forms and extract data from them.

Apart from these 3 modules there are other dimensions to this software. OMR Data Management & Result Processing is the key role performed by the software. With this feature it is possible to generate the results of the tests conducted. There is the feature of OMR sheet reading as well. Under this feature the software will create OMR sheets in different formats. When you pay for the answer sheet checker or the form reader, you can access the OMR sheet designing module as well. This means you will not have to pay separately for this module.

You might be worried about creating separate results once you have the reports from the answer sheet checker. But with this software you will not have to bother about generating new sheets to transfer the reports. All you have to do is select the kind of reports you will want in any available layouts.

As soon as the ready reports become available to you, upload them on the website. In simpler words you get the facility of online result upload feature. Along with the online displaying of results you also have the SMS sending feature. We have the Android Smartphone Integration Feature that allows us to post the results through the mobile so that the Smartphone users can access the data.

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