OMR Software Price

OMR Software Price

The Addmen OMR software (all the three modules) can be downloaded from the website. However, you cannot activate it without a license. License is available for separate modules if you do not want to buy the entire software at the same. Moreover, you can activate the other modules on a later date, whenever the need arises.

License Fee

You have to pay just once to receive the license for the OMR software modules. In other words, Addmen does not charge annual licensing fee. However, you need to pay AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) to receive technical support and software updates. Even if you do not pay the AMC, your software license will continue.

Different Versions and Upgrades


The three modules of the OMR software: OMR answer sheet checker software, OMR form reader and question paper generator software are equally priced. You can buy the modules separately according to your requirement. It is also possible to buy the modules in the combination of two or three. Addmen provides discounts when the modules are bought in combos at the same time.

Integrated Features and Consolidated Prices

The Addmen OMR software has several integrated features which make the processing of OMR sheets smoother and more efficient. The OMR answer sheet checker comes with facilities including sheet reading, result processing (processes the results and provides the reports in different formats) and even sheet designing (helps to design OMR sheets that includes a variety of questions). In other words, unlike other software you do not have to buy all these features separately.

Licensing Options

Addmen provides you with several options when it comes to purchasing the license for the OMR software.