OMR Software Update

Addmen OMR software offers a simple, user-friendly interface that thoroughly harnesses the needs of a first-time user. Our developers work continuously to release timely updates to the software, to help further enrich the software for greater performance speeds and increased efficiency in data processing.

With every new release, we ensure integration of newer prime features after careful analysis of the buyer needs and based on user stories and suggestions. For a decade now, Addmen OMR solutions have catered to thousands of professionals across various fields, including large educational bodies and firms in the public and the private sector. Our developers duly identify weaker areas of the software and consider any potential improvement that can prove beneficial for the users.

Frequency of Updates

Addmen OMR software solutions are continuously monitored and updated regularly. We are always working on bettering the performance of the software and to boost its compatibility with a wide range of user needs. Bug fixes to resolve minor reading issues, and updates for faster data processing are released on a fortnightly basis.

How to Obtain the Updates?

Users simply need to download the updated .exe file from our website and install the previously unavailable components and bug fixes. Not all the updates are meant for all professionals, though. Some releases might be irrelevant to your needs and you may simply choose not to install them.

Is There a Cost Involved?

Addmen OMR software updates for both standard and advanced versions are released for free and come without additional costs. The updates, however, can only be downloaded and installed by active subscribers of the support service who pay annual maintenance charges. First-time buyers get one year of technical support assistance as a standard service included in their first purchase. For users whose license subscription has ended, the software continues to work with all its features, but such users are restricted from accessing the updates.

Please Note: Requirements of high-speed processing of bulk data with tight deadlines, such as processing tens of thousands of answer sheets, cannot be effectively executed with the standard version. There are no OMR updates that let you achieve such incredible reading speeds in the standard version. Heavy requirements as such call for advanced versions of the OMR which can read up to 3 sheets per second.