OMR Software User Guides

User guides for all Addmen OMR software modules can be accessed and downloaded for free from the Support tab found in the reader interface. The user guides contain simple illustrations with screenshots that can be referred for understanding and operating the design, printing, and the scanning features of the software.

You can refer to the user guides for any doubts pertaining to:

Besides, user guides are also available for advanced versions, which guide you through the process of collecting bulk data from sheets of large volume. You can also download user guides for the server version to understand the operation in detail and to refer to the open licensing policies.

All user guides contain graphical illustrations to help the reader better understand the software’s operational utilities. All processes are explained stepwise in simple English, considering the knowledge needs of a first-time user. Almost all the FAQs pertaining to operating different features of the software are covered by the user guides. Any topics that are left out are otherwise covered during one-to-one training sessions, which are conducted via desktop sharing, and which you can easily complete in 15-20 minutes. These training sessions can be availed once you have purchased and installed the software.

Major versions released annually tend to come with minor changes in the appearance and the utility interface. We remember to update the user guides with the screenshots of the newer versions, whenever a major release is made available. Besides, tutorial videos are readily available for viewing and download throughout the net, which can offer you variety in the mode of training, and you are most likely to find what you are looking for.