Use of Pins and Staples on OMR Sheets

OMR sheets must be handled with care, so they won’t be damaged, and so the sheets can be read and processed accurately. Addmen OMR reader software can handle OMR sheets with minor damages, but you need to take the necessary precautions to facilitate accurate processing. Refrain from pinning or stapling the OMR sheets, and never punch them for filing.

What Happens When Pins or Staples Are Used on OMR Sheets?

OMR sheets are packed in envelopes during transportation. Upon delivery, they must be stacked carefully to avoid any folding or crushing. Any damage to the OMR sheet causes disruptions in the reading process of the OMR software.

Pins and staples, if used on OMR sheets, are likely to cause damage to the lens of the image scanner you use for scanning the sheets. Punch marks appear as black marks after scanning and will be detected as markings by the OMR reader software, thus disrupting the scanning process. Besides, the white clippings from the punch, if not removed completely, will turn to paper dust and will cause gradual damage to the image scanner.

However, punched OMR sheets are any ways processed properly by Addmen OMR software. As it uses the index points on the four corners of the sheet, punched holes would not affect the reading process, unless the sheets are marked using a timeline, in which case the OMR reader software or the OMR scanner won’t be able to process the sheets. It is thus advised to avoid punching, stapling, or clipping the OMR sheets.