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Accurate OMR Software

Our OMR software solutions are equipped with several utilities that allow for fine-tuned reading and processing of OMR forms and sheets, with minimized rejections, and completely accurate results.

Fully marked bubbles are preferred for MCQ based examinations, while tick marks are used in survey sheets and election ballots. You can tighten the responses to only include fully marked bubbles or allow lenient thresholds for validating partial filling or smudged fills, and you can adjust the response sensitivity.

Answer keys defined with specific response thresholds are maintained while re-reading the sheets. Note that however sensitive your response threshold might be, Addmen OMR software prompts the user to detect double markings & even validate it if required.

Reading Instances that Call for Manual Validation

Addmen OMR software solutions are designed to accurately read multiple marking styles, based on the OMR sensitivity settings as per your data collection requirements. Only the raw data collected from the scanned images (and not the sheet scans themselves) are furthered for processing. This facilitates reduction of time consumed in data correlation and processing of results, if you are using the server version, where the results are populated at the central server end. The output is then uploaded back onto the user terminal, which can be downloaded and saved in various formats.

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Accurate OMR Software

Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software can accurately read any type of OMR bubble filling depending upon the setting of OMR Optical Mark Reading sensitivity as per the MCQ examination policy.

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