OMR Software Comparison

Addmen OMR Software Comparison with Gravic Remark Office OMR Software

Negative Points
Positive Points

Ease of Operation

For a start,  Addmen OMR reader  software offers a convenient, user-friendly solution for designing the OMR sheets, which is otherwise a complex task to complete using other software like Gravic Remark Office. Similar, but older products are known for their performance with specific requirements and are commonly used by many marketing firms. A fairly difficult interface like that of Gravic, however, can be better handled by professionals with a good amount of experience in designing OMR templates. Other OMR in the market solutions come integrated with many prime features, but it does not consider the needs of a first-time user, and of the DTP operators working in schools, colleges, and coaching classes for conducting competitive exams.

Such needs call for Addmen OMR software  to facilitate simplistic designing of OMR sheets without having to refer to the user guides from time to time. Addmen OMR solutions were developed considering the phrase, “Trivial many, special few”, and we believe in speedy performance and completion of tasks in minimal steps with reduced personnel involvement.

Simplified Designer Utility

Our OMR sheet designing software  is designed considering the requirements of educational bodies and professionals evaluating a large number of OMR test sheets. OMR sheets can be designed simply by specifying the questions and snapping the blocks into alignment. Additional geometric skills are not required and sheet designing tasks can be effortlessly executed by anyone with basic computer skills. The software comes with a large library of pre-defined OMR sheet designs, to which you can make necessary alterations and create a sheet layout of your own in minutes.

Addmen OMR scanning software  facilitates sheet editing in both CorelDraw and Open Source DTP applications. OMR solutions that rely on importing test data from word files to create desired sheet designs are majorly suitable for users with a fairly large evaluation team. Addmen OMR solutions, though, offer more flexibility and allows for free-form placement of image blocks and easy adjustment of the grid matrix, to help effectively calibrate the OMR sheets with other OMR technologies.

Resolving Sheet Reading Issues

Often, OMR test sheets collected from the candidates are not properly read by other software in the market and hence are rejected for later validation in the manual mode. Rejections might spawn due to excessively rotated scans or due to mistakes committed by candidates while filling the sheets (like incorrect roll no, missing or duplicate candidate IDs, double answers etc). Some rejections caused by partly marked bubbles, smudged markings etc can be attended to by altering the response threshold in the reading utility. Addmen OMR Software’s auto-aligner feature conveniently rectifies tilts and skews caused by improperly alignment while scanning the sheets, and pops up user alerts for rejected or skipped sheets.

Addmen uses OCR recognition software to detect printed numerical and form numbers. ICR feature for recognition of handwritten text, such as addresses, signature etc, is available as an add-on feature to the OMR sheet checker software, but comes integrated with the OMR Form Reader module. Our solutions also offer effective and cost-efficient solutions for psychometric analysis, and provides for easy defining of statistical parameters, including the difficulty level of the questions, frequency curves, item discrimination index, Kuder Richardson Reliability Index, Point Biseral Coefficient etc.

Other prime features of Addmen OCR and OMR software solutions include:

Comparison Between Addmen OMR and Gravic as well as Other OMR Software

To give a clearer picture of the workings of Addmen OMR software, we give a comparison report of this software with that of Gravic Remak Office OMR software and such other OMR software.

Comparison on the Basis of OMR Sheets

Gravic and Other OMR Software
OMR Sheets

Special geometric skills and knowledge are required to design the sheets. You have to do the alignment of the bubbles manually.

The calibration of the sheets has to be done which requires lot of skills and takes a lot of time too.

It is necessary to make two colored OMR sheets for the software to read the sheets properly and accurately.

The cost of such OMR sheets are quite high (Rs. 1. 25 for one sheet) as the printing charges are high.


Thick papers have to be used for printing the sheets, and they should be of the right size for the reading to be accurate.

You have to print the copies in advance and keep it in stock as these are not readily available.

Addmen OMR Software
OMR Sheets

The sheets are created by simply dragging and dropping the bubbles on the OMR sheet. The software does the job of aligning the bubbles in a proper way.

The calibration of the sheets is done automatically. The sheet design process is completed in a short period.

Black and white OMR sheets can be made and read using this software.

The sheet of Addmen OMR sheets are less (Re. 0.50 for single sheet) as the sheets can be printed using regular printing machines like laser printer. Photocopying and offset printing can also be done.

Regular printing sheets (A4 size) can be used.


The OMR sheets can be printed with a laser printer in your office if you have run out of sheets.


Comparison on the Basis of Scanning of OMR Sheets

Gravic and Other OMR Solutions
OMR Sheet Scanning Process

A scanner with color-dropping facility is required as the OMR sheets are of two colors. Hence, special scanners have to be used which are expensive.

Some of the OMR solutions still make use of OMR scanning machines which are almost obsolete. Not many people buy or use these machines today.

The minimum price of an ADF scanner with color dropping feature is around Rs. 25,000.

Addmen OMR Solutions
OMR Sheet Scanning Process

Any type of scanner can be used for scanning the OMR sheets. Regular image scanners or even professional documents scanners are good.

You can go for an automatic feeder scanner or a flatbed scanner as per your requirements.

The minimum price of a regular image scanner is Rs. 7500.


Comparison on the Basis of OMR Software

Gravic and Other OMR Solutions
OMR Software

The OMR scanning machines were expensive and could be afforded only by reputed examination bodies and government organizations. Also, the test patterns were quite simple.

OMR scanning machines used in old OMR sheet patterns as well as some OMR software cost Rs. 3.5 to 5 lacs. Even the China models cost around 180000.

The accuracy of the OMR software's readings would depend on the thickness of the paper and accuracy of the size.

The speed at which the sheets are process depends on the speed of the scanner.

Addmen OMR Solution
OMR Software

The Addmen OMR software is not very expensive and can be afforded by smaller organizations too. This software can support several complex test patters. With its introduction, the scanner machines are no longer used.

As any type of image or document scanner could be used for scanning the OMR sheets, one could buy a scanner as per one's budget.

The OMR software provides 100% accurate results even if the sheets are skewed or tilted.

The OMR software can read and evaluate 1-4 sheets in every second.