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Advanced OMR for Professionals

Often, universities, educational institutions, and giant examination bodies tend to outsource tasks associated with OMR sheet reading and merit-list generation, to various IT service providers. It is a requisite for these service providers to be able to scan and evaluate enormous piles of OMR sheets within relatively short time periods. Advanced OMR for such professionals is readily available internationally, with additional features and customizations to facilitate better calibration and faster processing of huge amounts of data.

Additional Features in the Sheet Design Module

The Design Module in the advanced version is smartly customized to facilitate

Additional Features in the Sheet Reading Module

Advanced OMR versions for professionals come with the following additional features in the reading module, to facilitate quick processing of bulk data:

Basic Sheet Reading Features in the Advanced Version

Besides the features mentioned above, the advanced OMR version comes with add-on features that detects candidate photographs, all formats of barcodes, and handwritten addresses, in order to ensure accuracy and to rule out typing errors while generating admit cards. Other essential features include OCR scanner for reading printed digits and ICR reading capability for detection of handwritten digits.

Advanced OMR Server Version

Upgrades in the server version improves data reading and processing, facilitates quicker result generation. Following are some of the features of the server version

Accuracy Maintained

Additional features that come with the advanced OMR version do not affect the accuracy of the results. The defect detection mechanism that comes as part of the standard OMR software is very efficient and guarantees 100% accuracy. And as mentioned earlier, improved auto-correction and validation minimizes rejection to almost zero.

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