OMR Software Download Delivery and Installation

The Addmen OMR software can be easily downloaded from the website. But you cannot activate it unless you have the license key. The license key is sent to you through a dongle which will reach within 4-5 days. However, for quick activation, we suggest you to choose softkey activation. Once the software is activated, we provide demo of how to use the software.

Addmen OMR Software Demo

Addmen provides online software demo. This does not mean that we give you the demonstration with the help of videos and power point presentations. No, we offer one-to-one live demonstration. The demo is done through Skype, Team Viewer or Ammyy. This helps us to share our computer screen with you, making it possible for us to give you a live demo.

Our technical expert explains the operation of the OMR software step by step. We also encourage you to ask you to come forward with your doubts and queries. We would try our best to clear all your doubts.

Trial Version or Demo License

Addmen does not provide trial version or demo license for the OMR software. However, we do provide 100% technical support and guided demonstration as many times as you want. The reason we do not offer is that the OMR process is not exclusively dependent on the OMR software. The printing and scanning processes are also important. If the printing and scanning of the sheets are not done properly, the software would not provide desirable results.

In case of demo or trial version of the software, you may not to read the instructions for scanning and printing the sheets. Also, you may not be aware of the rules and protocols involving the use of OMR software. So if you do not do things properly, the OMR software would not work efficiently, making you believe that the software does not work properly. This is the reason we do not provide the trial version of the OMR software.

On the other hand, when you buy the software, we provide you with all the information about operating the software. We give you clear instructions about the printing and scanning processes of the OMR sheets. We are ready to give demonstration as many times as you want until you understand the concept. When you operate the OMR software with proper training, you would be able to yield the expected results.

Another reason for not providing the demo or trial version of the software is that when you buy the software we also provide complete OMR solutions. We are experts in this field and would understand your OMR requirements more than you would, thus helping you with the right OMR solutions.

Online Demo Time

The online demonstration takes around 15 times where our expert explains the basic features of the software. But the total time would depend on the number of doubts or queries you have about the working of the software.