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OMR Sheet Scanner Software

Addmen offers three modules of Optical Mark Recognition software, which include:

Graphic Overview of OMR Software Work Process for MCQ Test Checking & Form Reading

OMR Sheet Scanner Software

Module A: OMR Answer Sheet Checker

OMR Sheet Checker module is used for reading and checking OMR answer sheets that contain multiple choice questions. The software is extensively used by academic institutions and many firms for assessing the candidate's knowledge and for performing IQ tests which help identify improvement areas. A simple and user-friendly interface allows for easy designing and reading of OMR answer sheets, and for processing the scanned data into results and merit reports.

Introduction to Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Software Solution

Following are Some of its Prime Features:

Module B: OMR Form Reader

Addmen OMR form reading software is used for collecting data from feedback and surveys, elections ballots, attendance sheets etc; for facilitating businesses administration tasks like quality assurance, inventory control, and for processing student applications etc Following are some of its basic features available in the standard version:

Use the Addmen OMR Software for Survey and Feedback Process in your Institute

Difference Between OMR Answer Sheet Checker & OMR Form Reader

While the Answer Sheet Checker is used for reading MCQ tests, the Form Reader is used solely for data collection purposes. We provide these two utilities as separate modules due to this variance in functionality.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Used for :
  • Evaluating MCQ tests and generating the results
  • Recruitment & Candidate Selection Aptitude Tests
  • Psychometric & IQ Analysis

The OMR answer sheet checker is equipped with a speedy processor that processes OMR data in detail. However, it cannot read all types of OMR blocks.

OMR Form Reader

Used for : OMR Data Collection
  • Application forms, Admission Forms
  • Questionnaires, Survey, Feedback Forms
  • Attendance Sheets, Marks Award Sheets
  • Ballot Paper, Check Lists , Process Cards

OMR form reader can read all types of OMR blocks, but it is not meant for processing the collected data into any kind of results. The raw data collected is directly exported into Excel sheets.

Module C: Question Paper Generator

Unlike the above two modules, this is not an optical mark reading software. This module is often clubbed with the Answer Sheet Checker for creating MCQ based exams. You can use this module to:

Addmen OMR Solutions - Advanced Version

Advanced version of the software is available for professionals handling heavier data collecting tasks involving tens of thousands of sheets. The advanced OMR scanning software offers additional customizations that allow for faster processing of bulk data. It comes with essential upgrades to better read sheets with missing index points or reasonably misaligned bubbles.

Addmen OMR Reader - Server Version

The server version of the OMR sheet reading software is just the safest bet for organizations seeking multiple deployment of data processing centers. The server version offers real-time integration of user terminals with the central server location, and users may still continue to use the software from the terminal end for a stipulated amount of time following the expiry of their license.

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